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Out of lov

Why can’t we just be in love. 

I swear this whole time I knew what you and me was.                                                    An Undeniable connection even through imperfection

Now just silence and bad reception, how could the best end?

But there still isn’t 1 factor that could manipulate                                                     the memories and the feelings that made us great. 

The silence in which we still relate, The overstanding love anticipates.

So I lay low, a blind leap of faith.           Even though it kills me to be out of your space

I know in the end it will all fall into place Because I deserve the best, for True Love I Will Wait.

-Ashley Williams 

Poems by lov… LiFe

Life is like the ocean, consistently it rises;Stay conscious or you will fall 

Waves rough enough to teach you, unless  you let them take you under

A vicious mystery full of mesmerizing Beauty;  take time to breath it all in.

A life only God could create, sending his love through the wind.

Ashley Williams