I will fight for God!

This is a Testimony of mine that I Know God Sent through me to get to You. I was on the phone talking to a friend of mine about Spiritual Warfare and what I have learned by observing Gods Ways and the Devils.

I realized that I have been apart of a war that I didn’t even know existed. 

So I am looking around at all of these spiritual attacks people go through while going through my own and God gave me a connection through one of them. 

You know how you might “check” somebody, “go off”, or “spaz” on somebody and usually they stop the BS?  Almost like they snap out of it… What if they really did just snap out of it? The devil sends his demons to carry out his schemes and when you resist them they they retreat and then come from a different angle. 

So I go further to think of the reason for this war. God created this Amazing,Beautiful world that works on its own!  Literally it all works together Flawlessly in a way that will send chills down your spine and just fill you up! So I think further; if he created this world to work together, he must have created humanity to work together as well. 

Not one person on this earth is the same, so why do we try to look and be the same? He created us different for a reason; and I believe that reason is to make the entire human race work together flawlessly with each other and the rest of the world.

It could be so simple if we all choose to follow Go. We would never get consumed by the devil’s schemes because we would always see it coming and be protected by God.      

There is so much confusion in this fallen world, but if you just Pray for God to lead you in his way you will start to receive his peace and… The Truth. 

The Truth isn’t always nice and pretty but at the end of it all if you believe that the Son of God died for our sins and that his Father is in fact your Father you will forever find Peace in the Truth.

These times are undeniably telling right now,  it’s time to repent, start fighting for God, and stop getting consumed by the darkness. Everything comes to the light eventually, stop fighting your own light and live in it!

-Ashley Williams                                                                                                      


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